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White Papers - Database Trends and

On this page you can read some sample Product Management Journal articles. Carve-up: Splitting responsibilities across multi-national companies. The psychology of pricing: How to get inside your customer's mind. Business Cases How to build a business case: A step by step guide. Scenario planning and sensitivity analysis: A business case that envisions a single outcome will almost certainly be wrong.


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You can also see the contents pages and sign-up and download the library of 15 PDF Journals. Leading The role: What does a product manager do anyway? Starting up: How to introduce product management for the first time. Pricing structures: What are they and which ones work best? Top 10 tips when using Excel: To save you time and heartache. Financial terminology: The key financial terms and the concepts. Recession Succeeding in a downturn: How to stay ahead when the market is going down.

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Each Journal covers an important product management or product marketing topic. Scrum: How it works and the implications for the product owner. Tools for managing requirements: What are they, what do they do? Propositions Developing a proposition: A three step guide. A great tool to describe your propositions to sales.

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You can read the complete Agile Journal online here. You’ll get all past Journal issues and future issues. An explanation Measure what matters: In-life metrics and reporting Documentation: what should you have in place and top tips Time well spent: Focus on what's important End of life: How to successfully withdraw a product Insight: Where the rubber hits the road - The importance of in-life vs new product development Product Marketing What is Product Marketing? Tools: To help you manage requirements and agile projects. Insight: Agile hype, dogma, religious-like zealotory. Outsourcing: Searching for ways to reduce overheads, is outsourcing the answer? Tips and tricks for product management job hunting. Persona profiling: Get into the mind of your customers and understand what they really value.

Succeeding with agile pdf free download:

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