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PDF Manual Básico De Prevención De Riesgos. - MC Mutual

It is known that partners infected with genital herpes can transmit the infection to an uninfected partner BOTH when symptoms are present (such as redness and blisters) as well as when no symptoms are present (called “asymptomatic shedding”; see the paper on Asymptomatic Shedding at


Manual de procedimientos. protocolos de prevención de riesgos.

Researchers have shown that viral shedding of herpes virus occurs very often from the genitals of the infected partner even when the infected partner has no symptoms: In some cases over 80% of the time.

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This means that an infected partner can transmit herpes to the uninfected partner even when no symptoms are present.

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Wald et al, as well as other authors, have previously described on many occasions that the use of an antiviral compound such as Valtrex or acyclovir promptly decreased the incidence of viral shedding, reducing the shedding by over 80% in many cases.

Higiene manual seguridad trabajo pdf:

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