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In what has become the single largest illegal-Bit Torrent-downloading case in U. Once an ISP gets the subpoena, it usually notifies the account holder that his or her subscriber information is being turned over to the Copyright Group, which last year pioneered the practice of suing Bit Torrent downloaders in the United States. Many lawyers are mimicking the Copyright Group's legal strategy, which includes offering online settlement payments, in hopes of making quick cash. Copyright Act allows damages of up to $150,000 per infringement, and the cases all demand the maximum."It is well beyond time that the courts take control of these automated enterprises being run at great taxpayer expense with the active assistance of the federal court system," said Lory Lybeck, a Washington state attorney defending about 100 Bit Torrent defendants.


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A federal judge in the case has agreed to allow the U. Copyright Group to subpoena internet service providers to find out the identity of everybody who had illegally downloaded (.pdf) the 2010 Sylvester Stallone flick – meaning the number of defendants is likely to dramatically increase as new purloiners are discovered.

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The litigation can be so lucrative – with settlements around $3,000 per infringement – that two companies are both claiming ownership to a low-budget movie called Not all federal judges, are agreeing to allow a massive number of subpoenas in a single case, but many are. The IP addresses of the alleged copyright scofflaws are easily discoverable.


Film companies pay snoops to troll Bit Torrent sites, dip into active torrents and capture the IP addresses of the peers who are downloading and uploading pieces of the files. A judge has not decided whether to authorize subpoenas in that case.

Bittorrent user manual pdf download:

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