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PDF Editor for Mac OS X – What’s the

You can migrate a version 5 app into version 6 by migrating the photos from the version 5 app into this gallery. If your version 5 app has the same brand as this one, just enter the app name, otherwise you can specify the brand and app using the syntax: brandname/appname If you were a previous Sticky Albums user and have upgraded to My Photo App, but would like to migrate some of your apps from Sticky Albums to My Photo App, this import function will help in that it will take the Gallery images from your Sticky Albums app and import them into this gallery.


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Just enter the URL of your app and it will start the import.

Kodak Mini Portable

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We have implemented the Sticky Albums migration capability first, but if you have apps from another vendor that you would like to migrate, just click on help and open a support ticket and we will see what we can do.

Kodak Mini Portable

You can keep your templates separate from the your Apps by creating a new Template folder to hold them. If you want a page to display when the image is pressed, enter the URL: page:xxxx where xxxx is the label of the page.

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