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In Percy’s view, the two most evident maladies of modern life are angelism, the tendency to abstract oneself from the ordinary circumstances of life and attempt to live above them in aloof intellectualism, and bestialism, the tendency to live as a brute consumer with an unrestrained, animal-like preoccupation with sex without procreation.


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This protracted indictment of modern culture surfaces frequently in Percy’s later fiction, most prominently in .

<b>Love</b> In The <b>Ruins</b> <b>Walker</b> <b>Percy</b> - msvfan.de

Love In The Ruins Walker Percy -

The narrative is bracketed into five main sections, followed by an epilogue that delineates what has happened in the five years subsequent to the July 4 climax.

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Walker Percy (19161990) was one of the most prominent American writers of the twentieth century. Acclaimed for his poetic style and moving depictions of the alienation of modern American culture, Percy was the bestselling author of six fiction titlesincluding the classic novel The Moviegoer (1961), winner of the National Book Awardand fifteen works of nonfiction.

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