<b>Power</b> Mirror Switch for Edge, <b>Focus</b>,Ranger, Explorer, Flex, Mustang.

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Power Mirror Switch for Edge, Focus,Ranger, Explorer, Flex, Mustang.

The media industry is in a time of great transition, in part due to the proliferation of digital publications and the growth and popularity of social platforms.


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While industry consolidation might threaten the independence of some publications, there is also an unprecedented opportunity for publishers to communicate their unique perspective to underserved, targeted audiences.

<b>Power</b> Mirror Switch for Edge, <b>Focus</b>,Ranger, Explorer, Flex, Mustang.

Focus Your First Decision - Tony Robbins

With this in mind—and with the help of funding from the Knight Foundation—Digital Content Next worked with Ascolese Associates on the research report Niche Publishers: How to Create Sustainable Business Models in a Digital Marketplace, released January 18.

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This niche publisher research examines how 11 digital publications each capture a unique space, attract audiences, and monetize those audiences.

Power of focus pdf download:

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