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I wrote it because some of the functions listed below are way to long, complex or won't work with file names that contain spaces. The function also ignores setuid, setgid and sticky bits, and will produce incorrect numbers if such a file is encountered. Maybe there is something more slick, but this isn't too CPU-intensive (note that it assumes you've error-checked that you indeed have a 10-character string!


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The following was inspired by a few others here, ofcourse ;-)Works for filenames with spaces (leading, trailing, consecutive and what not), formats the date a little taking year/time into account, leaves out items not in the $filetypes array below, and returns a nice nested assoc array:(I'm using a pretty simple regex pattern (non-space-stuff, whitespace, non-space-stuff etc), but amazingly /it still works! ): $permissions = 'drwxr-xr-x'; // or whatever $mode = 0; if ($permissions[1] == 'r') $mode = 0400; if ($permissions[2] == 'w') $mode = 0200; if ($permissions[3] == 'x') $mode = 0100; else if ($permissions[3] == 's') $mode = 04100; else if ($permissions[3] == 'S') $mode = 04000; if ($permissions[4] == 'r') $mode = 040; if ($permissions[5] == 'w') $mode = 020; if ($permissions[6] == 'x') $mode = 010; else if ($permissions[6] == 's') $mode = 02010; else if ($permissions[6] == 'S') $mode = 02000; if ($permissions[7] == 'r') $mode = 04; if ($permissions[8] == 'w') $mode = 02; if ($permissions[9] == 'x') $mode = 01; else if ($permissions[9] == 't') $mode = 01001; else if ($permissions[9] == 'T') $mode = 01000; printf('Mode is %d decimal and %o octal', $mode, $mode); There are a couple of php-related reasons given here for ftp_rawlist returning an empty result.

<i>Manual</i> De <i>Usuario</i> <i>Ftp</i> - tiosesidil.files.


The time part in the pattern is done separately to make sure only 1 space is taken out before the filename, which might start with spaces for all you know) Regarding converting permissions from symbolic notation to octal, note that Hazem dot Khaled at gmail dot com's chmodnum function produces INCORRECT results.

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So i created this recursive function that writes all filenames (incl. I tested it on Mac, Linux and Windows - it works (as long as you don't use folders with spaces...).

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