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IBM System/360 Model 20 - pedia

Back in the 1930s, when a computer was actually a fellow with a slide rule who did computations for you, IBM was mainly known for its punched-card machines.



However, the transformation of IBM from one of the many sellers of business machines to the company that later became a computer monopoly was due in large part to forward-looking leadership, at that time going by the name of Thomas Watson, Sr.

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The Harvard machine was a manifestation of his vision, although in practical terms, was not a technological starting point for what followed.


Here are some IBM Mainframe (System/360, S/370, ES/9000, 30xx, 43xx, S/390, z-Architecture) Assembler Language-related links: Here's a link to general IBM mainframe resources General Computer Programming Resources ===================================================================== I have compiled the following "Bibliography"/"WEBography" from my own research and from reference to: Nancy Stern, Alden Sager, & Robert A.

Ibm 360 jcl manual pdf:

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