A Tale of <strong>Two</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> 1958 film -

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A Tale of Two Cities 1958 film -

Ovid and Vergil were two of the Roman greatest authors on this subject.


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They and other Roman writers made classical myths so popular that the medieval Europe and modern society had the tendency to use the more popular Roman names for the Greek gods and heroes, than the Greek names.

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During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, interests in Greek and Roman myths was renewed in arts and literatures. The pages devoted to Classical myths, has been divided into four sections: The Heroic Age contains information of Greek heroes and heroines, their adventures in "Heroes I" "Heroes II" and "Heroines".

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There are also tales of the "Jason and the Argonauts", "Seven Against Thebes", "Trojan War" and the "Odyssey".

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