<em>Puppet</em> <em>Fundamentals</em>

Puppet fundamentals for system administrators pdf

Puppet Fundamentals

Learning Objectives: Demonstrate the usage of fundamental Puppet language constructs. Describe the core precepts of a state modeling language.



“It means system administrators and operations folks can do work that requires their expertise rather than just their time.” Puppet Fundamentals is available as part of a CBT Nuggets subscription.

CBT Nuggets Announces <em>Puppet</em>

EBook The Tools for Learning Puppet - files.

Subscriptions are available for individuals or teams, and can be paid monthly or yearly. About CBT Nuggets: CBT Nuggets creates on-demand IT training for individuals and teams that is available 24/7, from any device.

Puppet Labs Training The Prerequisites

Learn step-by-step how to deploy and use Puppet to automate configuration management and software deployment for Windows and Linux. Follow along as we build a realistic Puppet lab from the ground up utilizing cross-platform Vagrant and Virtual Box.

Puppet fundamentals for system administrators pdf:

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