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Mixing Guide - How To Mix Music Part 1 - Heroic Academy

– Knowing where the fundamentals and harmonics (frequencies that are a multiple of the fundamental, i.e.: a 100Hz fundamental has harmonics of 200Hz, 400Hz, etc.) are for each instrument can help eliminate some guesswork you may be doing while EQ’ing tracks in your mix.


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To illustrate, let’s use the example of trying to create space for a lead vocal when you feel something is crowding it.

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Try adjusting the EQ of other instruments with a similar frequency footprint as the vocal (like piano, guitar, snare, etc.); if that doesn’t work, it has to be something else. A typical kick drum can have a fundamental frequency of 80-100Hz and have a harmonic near the vocal register.

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If this is the case, removing EQ from the kick drum between 2-3k Hz can make the vocal sit loud and clear atop the mix.

Mixing and mastering books pdf:

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