<strong>Convert</strong> <strong>PDF</strong> to Word – <strong>Adobe</strong> Reader 9 Free Download – <strong>Adobe</strong> Reader.

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Convert PDF to Word – Adobe Reader 9 Free Download – Adobe Reader.

Net application needs to convert a PDF document to Word format programmatically. Get Type(); //have to use acrobat javascript api because, acrobat object[] save As Param = ; js Type. If i have to cover 1000 files, it will take more than 5 6 hours.. I did something very similar using Win Python x64 and Acrobat X Pro and used the JSObject interface to convert PDFs to DOCX. The following should be a complete piece of code that converts a set of PDFs to DOCX: # gets all files under ROOT_INPUT_PATH with FILE_EXTENSION and tries to extract text from them into ROOT_OUTPUT_PATH with same filename as the input file but with INPUT_FILE_EXTENSION replaced by OUTPUT_FILE_EXTENSION from win32com.client import Dispatch from win32com.client.dynamic import ERRORS_BAD_CONTEXT import winerror # try importing scandir and if found, use it as it's a few magnitudes of an order faster than stock try: from scandir import walk except Import Error: from os import walk import fnmatch import sys import os ROOT_INPUT_PATH = None ROOT_OUTPUT_PATH = None INPUT_FILE_EXTENSION = "*.pdf" OUTPUT_FILE_EXTENSION = ".docx" def acrobat_extract_text(f_path, f_path_out, f_basename, f_ext): av Doc = Dispatch("Acro Exch.


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I evaluated several products and found Acrobat X Pro, which gives a save as option where we can save the document in Word/Excel format. AVDoc") # Connect to Adobe Acrobat # Open the input file (as a pdf) ret = av Doc.

<strong>Convert</strong> <strong>PDF</strong> to Word – <strong>Adobe</strong> Reader 9 Free Download – <strong>Adobe</strong> Reader.

How to convert a PDF into a Word document with Adobe Reader - Adobe.

I tried to use Acrobat SDK but couldn't find proper documentation from where to start. Open(f_path, f_path) assert(ret) # FIXME: Documentation says "-1 if the file was opened successfully, 0 otherwise", but this is a bool in practise? Get PDDoc() dst = join(f_path_out, ''.join((f_basename, f_ext))) # Adobe documentation says "For that reason, you must rely on the documentation to know what functionality is available through the JSObject interface.

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I looked into their IAC sample but couldn't understand how to call the menu item and make it execute the save as option. For details, see the Java Script for Acrobat API Reference" js Object = pd Doc.

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