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In a non-chronological fashion that blends memoir and ever-so-subtle feminist analysis, the author reveals her own sexual experiences (both good and bad), and also writes about dealing with harassment, taking drugs, having abortions, fielding the come-ons of a married male friend, and a harrowing episode that saw her nearly die during childbirth.


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Valenti artfully and often humorously captures a culture that values women based on whether or not they’re sexy, but that also, as she puts it, “hates them for having sex.” While she and many other writers have previously addressed said double standard, Sex Object doesn’t seek to offer solutions, nor to make broad political statements.

The <strong>Purity</strong> <strong>Myth</strong> <strong>Pdf</strong>

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It’s simply a documentation of the everyday experience of living in a world that doesn’t necessarily see women as “full people,” but that rather forces many into an alternate, sub-human identity—that of being a sex object.

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Jessica Valenti wants to know what it would be like to live in a world that doesn’t “hate women”—what it would have been like to be raised and have come of age in a culture that didn’t subject half its population to forms of harassment, sexism, and sexual assault so commonplace as to be perceived as normal.

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