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At the request of fans, Weir repackaged it in an e-reader version. Then a publisher came calling — Random House decided it would make a good hardcover book. Weir signed contracts in the low to mid six figures for both the book contract and the movie rights, he told me. But NASA doesn’t have the money to go to Mars now or anytime in the foreseeable future.


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He has to use his wits, plus a lot of duct tape and back-of-the-envelope calculations, to stay alive in an extremely hostile environment. Here’s what’s amazing: “The Martian” started out as a self-published story, serialized on Weir’s personal Web site. Weir had made a little money working as a computer programmer at AOL in the late 1990s, cashing in his AOL stock at just the right moment and trying his hand at the literary life for a few years.

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But his first efforts weren’t very good, as he freely admits. He decided that his childhood ambition of being a professional writer was unrealistic, and he went back to computer programming.

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But lots of people liked his story about “The Martian,” the wise-cracking, upbeat, fantastically resourceful but quite thoroughly stranded-on-a-desert-planet Mark Watney.

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