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Would Watney make it home, somehow, some way, against (literally) astronomical odds? In recent months, NASA has apparently grasped that Weir has given the agency an enormous PR boost.


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It’s hard enough to get to Mars with advanced technology; how do you get home when you have no rocket? It’s like a fantasy,” Weir, 42, told me in a phone call from his home in Mountain View, Calif. He says the success of the book has allowed him to do “all these awesome nerdy things,” and he specifically mentioned touring the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (a NASA facility operated under contract by Caltech) in Pasadena, and spending a week at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where he got to meet real astronauts.

The <em>Martian</em> Themes from LitCharts The

The Martian Themes from LitCharts The

The story unfolded as a serial over the course of several years. The book didn’t quite make it to number one on the bestseller list — only to number two. NASA has said, repeatedly, that its ultimate goal is a human mission to Mars, and that its human spaceflight programs steppingstones to that destination.

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He may have also saved the space program in the process.

The martian by andy weir pdf download:

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