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The high wheelers of the day – later called ordinaries to distinguish them from Safeties, and also disparagingly known as Penny Farthings – were not just dangerous, they were suitable mainly for tall, athletic men. Cyclists were the first group in a generation to use roads and were the first to push for high-quality sealed surfaces and were the first to lobby for national funding and leadership for roads.


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They were also the first promoters of motoring; the first motoring journalists had first been cycling journalists; and there was a transfer of technology from cycling to motoring without which cars as we know them wouldn't exist!

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Nearly seventy car marques – including Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC – had bicycling beginnings.

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'Roads Were Not Built for Cars' is a history book, focussing on a time when cyclists had political clout, in Britain and especially in America. Thanks to research grants and advertising support, text-only PDF chapters from the book are slowly being made available for free to read online.

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