<em>PDF</em> <em>Frostbite</em> Vampire Academy 2 By <em>Richelle</em> <em>Mead</em>

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PDF Frostbite Vampire Academy 2 By Richelle Mead

That was kind of where I found the Moroi and Strigoi story and then I turned that into my own world. Another is that I had just really wanted to write a young heroine like Rose who was so funky and in your face and fearless. Whereas Rose, you know, she'll act first, ask questions later, and I just really wanted to write someone like that who was so spunky and bold and brave and follow her transformation. Lissa is from my head as well, she's kind of a counterbalance to Rose, a calming influence, and I was really fascinated by the whole bodyguard thing combined with the bond and how it can enhance their friendship, and that helps me create their characters.


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Sometimes too fearless, but who had the potential to transform throughout the series. Despite her being so outgoing and fearless, it can sometimes get her into trouble and so throughout the series she needs to learn how to temper that and mature, and that's a fun journey to do. What was your favorite scene to write about in the first book?

<em>PDF</em> <em>Frostbite</em> Vampire Academy 2 By <em>Richelle</em> <em>Mead</em>

Frostbite Vampire Academy 2 By Richelle Mead

So I've always wanted to tell a story like that, and when I decided to pick up on the Romanian vampire myth, it just seemed like a natural idea to merge the two and make that the backdrop of the story. RM: Probably the whole ending sequence, which is a series of scenes, is my favorite.

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The ending was what I was definitely looking forward to, and I love what they did with that. The other scene I saw was an early scene where Rose and Dimitri have their first confrontation, so that was a big action sub-sequence I actually got to witness, which was pretty cool.

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