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Look at the casino win percentage for blackjack (twenty one). Not quite the 50/50 game you have been told about, is it? In fact, as far as comps go, casinos rate a quarter slot player at the same rate they do a $25 a hand blackjack player. If you see someone put a lot of money into a slot machine and they don’t win, you should immediately go play that machine as it is due to hit. Many times I have seen slot players watching me and waiting for me to leave so that they can sit down and play the slot machine I just dumped my money into.


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Now take a look at Craps with a casino win rate of 14.83%. Compare this to the win rate for penny slots at 10.00%. A long time ago when mechanical slots ruled the world this might have been true.

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Nowadays, in the age of computers and random number generators this is simply not the case.

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Next, look at the far right columns of each section, you will find the average win percentages for all non-restricted gaming licenses across the state of Nevada. You have almost twice the chance at winning at quarter slots than you do at blackjack. Higher denomination slots machines payout at the same rate as penny slots. Therefore the casino can earn the same amount of money on a large denomination slot game at a lower win rate as they can at a penny slot game with a higher win rate. Casinos don’t really like slot players so you can’t get rated and earn comps. A lot of people actually believe that casinos place slot machines on their floor so that the wives of the real gamblers (those playing the table games of blackjack, craps and roulette) have something to do so they won’t try to pull their husbands away from losing their money at the tables. Another thing to note is the amount of casino floor space set aside for slot machines and the number of people playing them.

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