Create <b>PDF</b> <b>document</b> with the virtual printer e-<b>PDF</b> Converter and.

Creating a pdf file from word document

Create PDF document with the virtual printer e-PDF Converter and.

You can also quickly share a Word DOC as a PDF by going to the “Share” menu and choosing to “Send PDF”, which will allow you to email the Word DOC as a PDF file.


Create a PDF from Word - PDF24

The fresy saved PDF from the DOC orin is now ready to use in any PDF friendly environment, whether it’s sending it along and preserving the orinal formatting or posting it online, or whatever else.

Save <strong>word</strong> 2003 <strong>document</strong> as <strong>pdf</strong> <strong>file</strong>

Create Bookmark in PDF from Word Document Map

Another snificant bonus to saving or converting Word DOC files to PDF is that you can sn documents in Preview using a Mac Trackpad or apply a dital snature to the PDF with Preview, allowing yourself or a recipient to sn a Word document.

How to create a PDF file from a Word document

This trick actually works in just about every Office app on the Mac too, including Powerpoint, and not just Word.

Creating a pdf file from word document:

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