<i>Merit</i> <i>Badge</i> <i>Pamphlets</i> - Troop 577

Wilderness survival merit badge pamphlet pdf

Merit Badge Pamphlets - Troop 577

I went through every edition of the BSA handbook and compiled the following list.


Merit Badge worksheets -

I have cross-checked with many lists, but errors may still be present.

<i>Merit</i> <i>Badge</i> <i>Pamphlets</i> - Troop 577

Henning's Scouters' Pages

This list was compiled on February 24, 1996, and updated February 14, 2012. The years are the best estimate of when the merit badges were used, but may be off by a year in some cases.

Search and Rescue - Boy Scouts of America

Some were minor name changes such as leather work/leatherwork/leatherworking and mammals/mammal study and did not result in new requirements, a new merit badge book or a new badge design.

Wilderness survival merit badge pamphlet pdf:

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