<b>Sony</b> Dvd Recorder Rdr Gx257 Online <b>Manual</b> <b>PDF</b>

Sony rdr-gx257 manual pdf

Sony Dvd Recorder Rdr Gx257 Online Manual PDF

This wire is locked at both ends with a sort of clip, that you can detect and loose it to detach. Detach it from your player, and go with it as sample.


Sony Rdr Gx257 Manual Pdf Ebook

Note the ends of it, some may be single sided, and the othere may be opposite sided.

<strong>Sony</strong> Rdr Gx257 User <strong>Manual</strong>

Sony Dvd Recorder Rdr-gx257 Owners Manual

Before etaching the strip from player, make a marking at it end side, which have a blue end hardner attacted to it, so that when you replace it, you can make sure of its side.

Sony Rdr Gx257 User Manual

If this does not help, there is no other way than replacing the Laser Picup Unit itsef.

Sony rdr-gx257 manual pdf:

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