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Body Language Secrets for Power and Love Free Download

277Conclusion: The Moral of This Story 287Afterword 297Appendix 1 299Appendix 2 301Appendix 3 303Glossary 305Notes 317Bibliography 339Index 357 Preface 9Introduction 11Part 1 Body Language, a Language of Emotions Chapter 1 Body Language: Nonverbal Language and Emotions 17Chapter 2 What Is an Emotion? 63Chapter 7 Do Hidden Emotions Have Their Own Language?


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Do you ever feel that someone's gestures are telling you something different than the words they are saying?

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Has a cashier asked you how you are without glancing up from the items he or she is scanning?

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Have you ever felt that the firmness of your words is undermined by your feeble body language?

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