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Legendary illustrator, reveals here the story of Genesis in a profoundly honest and deeply moving way.


Genesis' R. Crumb Illustrates The Bible

Originally thinking that we would do a take off of Adam and Eve, Crumb became so fascinated by the Bible’s language, “a text so great and so strange that it lends itself readily to graphic depictions,” that he decided instead to do a literal interpretation using Printed on deluxe recycled parchment paper, the bestselling Running Press journals are enhanced by lovely two-color illustrations.

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Nearly all journals are highlighted by thoughtful, provocative, often witty quotes.

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Ample space is provided in each, allowing the writer to record personal reflections The Screwtape Letters by C. Lewis is a classic masterpiece of religious satire that entertains readers with its sly and ironic portrayal of human life and foibles from the vantage point of Screwtape, a highly placed assistant to "Our Father Below." At once wildly comic, deadly During its 2,500-year life, the book of Genesis has been the keystone to almost every important claim about reality, humanity, and God in Judaism and Christianity. He is Dracula, the most well-known vampire in the worldand this new illustrated edition of Bram Stokers classic tale of terror offers Dracula as you have never seen him before.

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