In the novel 'The 3 <em>Mistakes</em> of My

Three mistakes of my life summary pdf

In the novel 'The 3 Mistakes of My

Now, I've consciously kept away from Chetan Bhagat's books after The Three Mistakes of My Life (one of the mistakes of MY life being reading his books in the first place).


Mistakes of my life summary pdf -

With a few days to the Half Girlfriend release, one afternoon, I finally downloaded a free PDF of the book (why spend your hard-earned money on Bhagat's brand of *ahem* literature) and got down to reading it.

Book Reviews and summeries

Book Reviews and summeries

The entire country, or the classes that Mr Bhagat has access to at least, know by now the turning point of Chetan Bhagat's Half Girlfriend, the book. Because what might still be okay (really not, trust me) hidden within the pages of a book, might end up making people vomit in the theatres.

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THE LINE 'DETI HAI TOH DE, VARNA KAT LE'For people who haven't yet bitten into the forbidden fruit of Mr Bhagat's literature, that phrase, in his own words, means "make love to me, or leave". If I had to make an honest translation, I would say: 'fuck me, or fuck off'.

Three mistakes of my life summary pdf:

Rating: 94 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates