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The diaries begin with the Organization's decision to move beyond its campan of recruitment and planning to action.


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The target is clear: If the White nations of the world had not allowed themselves to become subject to the Jew, to Jewish ideas, to the Jewish spirit, this war would not be necessary. We can hardly say we had no choice, no chance to avoid the Jew's snare. The people had finally had their fill of the Jews and their tricks....

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If the Organization survives this contest, no Jew will -- anywhere. Their precisely calibrated efforts prove successful -- 700 people are ed and the building is badly damaged: At yesterday morning our bomb went off in the F. I.'s national headquarters building...damage is immense. We have certainly dis-rupted a major portion of the F. I.'s headquarters operations for at least the next several weeks...gaped with a mixture of horror and elation at the devastation....

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The scene is chillingly familiar: a rented truck filled with cases of dynamite and sacks containing a mixture of ammonium nitrate fertilizer and heating oil blows up in front of a federal government building shortly after 9 a.m., ing hundreds of people.

The turner diaries pdf free:

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