SAP Adobe Interactive Form Tutorial.

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SAP Adobe Interactive Form Tutorial.

Answer: In the previous part, we saw how we can display a variable. Go to layout tab Insert a text variable to have some heading on the form. You can change the font and size of the text in the marked section above. ———————————————————————————————— Now go to Data view. If you want to be very precise, you can also go to the properties in the right hand side and adjust the width and height. Please note: If you have data in the IT_KNA1 table more than 1-page size, it would not flow to the next page.


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In actual projects, we hardly have a requirement where we need to display only one field. Today, we will learn how to create tables in Adobe Form. Create Table using Sub Forms in Adobe It is simple and easy. Method 1: Create Table in Adobe Form using Table Object You should deactivate the fields from the Table which are not required to print since there are many fields in the table, it will not fit in the form. You have to do the following two activities if you want to see all data. First, it is PM in the night and second, the article is already long.

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Broadly speaking there are two ways to create the tables in Adobe Form. When we have few fields which can fit into the single line in the layout, we can use this The designer knows that you are working with tables. Select the fields which are not required to be displayed. 🙂 The subform must be Some clients in some countries would like the table to have the row Layout from Right to Left. But, in case you want your rows from Right to Left, choose the layout from the Table properties. But we decided to continue the post and include the Method 2 in the same post so that the readers do not lose the continuity and flow of learning.

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, we showed the steps to create our basic form and the driver program.

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