GitHub - MrRio/<em>jsPDF</em> Client-side JavaScript PDF generation.

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GitHub - MrRio/jsPDF Client-side JavaScript PDF generation.

In addition to that the following general information is always provided in the Contributions are always welcome, especially on open issues.


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Js PDF is a html5 solution, their page stats that there is a lazy flash shim for ie9 and below but "Current build does not have IE6-9 shim enabled" so you will just need to get a version that does have it enabled You will just need to use an older version of js PDF.

<i>Downloading</i> offline standalone installer of l. Adobe Community

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Their website says: "js PDF will work in IE6 *, Firefox 3 , Chrome, Safari 3 , Opera.

Downloading offline standalone installer of l. Adobe Community

For IE9 and below, we lazily load a Flash shim called Downloadify which enables the files to be downloaded.

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