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Dk history the definitive visual guide pdf

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Doc Book has emerged as the de facto standard Open Source documentation format.


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But Doc Book is a complex language, the markup is difficult to read and even more difficult to write directly — I found I was spending more time typing markup tags, consulting reference manuals and fixing syntax errors, than I was writing the documentation.

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Saxagliptin and Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients with Type 2.

There are three types of Ascii Doc documents: article, book and manpage.

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Itself has little intrinsic knowledge of backend formats, all translation rules are contained in customizable caing confuration files. ) Preamble ::= (Section Body) Section ::= (Title, Section Body? , Block)|Block Macro) Block ::= (Paragraph|Delimited Block|List|Table) List ::= (Bulleted List|Numbered List|Labeled List|out List) Bulleted List ::= (List Item) Numbered List ::= (List Item) out List ::= (List Item) Labeled List ::= (List Entry) List Entry ::= (List Label, List Item) List Label ::= (List Term ) List Item ::= (Item Text,(List|List Paragraph|List Continuation)*)i.e.

Dk history the definitive visual guide pdf:

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